img-BBP-BarricadeWrapimg-weather-trek-logosWeatherTrek® helps to ensure that your wall envelope stays dry and acts as a secondary layer of protection against water and moisture — it’s the home’s raincoat and windbreaker all rolled into ONE!

Creating an airspace is the key factor to superior drainage plane performance

WeatherTrek’s unique non-directional rigid surface pattern creates a standoff property that facilitates water drainage on both sides of the material. WeatherTrek’s revolutionary crush resistant surface provides a drainage path for water to flow freely. Water is channeled safely down and away from the envelope. IT’S A BUILT-IN RAIN SCREEN METHOD.

Conventional smooth surface house wraps with typical horizontal lap sidings directly applied can “pond” water along the siding edges, particularly at the pressure points where it is fastened tightly to the sheathing substrate. WeatherTrek with EVD prevents ponding because of its rigid surface pattern which enables water to flow freely down the exterior wall envelope to be collected by flashing carrying it safely away from the wall.

WeatherTrek EVD minimizes solar vapor drive

  • It’s semi-permeable (7 perms)
  • The vented air space created by its unique surface provides a stop gap that blocks the transport of vapor by equalizing the air pressure across the entire space thus relieving the pressure exerted on the drainage plane (sheathing and house wrap).

Perfectly designed for stucco and EIFs

Because of conventional house wrap’s smooth surface, stucco has the ability to bond tightly to the house wrap when used by itself. This tight contact creates something known as the “tenting effect” and can destroy the water repellency of house wrap because of the pressure exerted by the stucco when it is directly applied. The stucco creates “capillary continuity” and as a result, the house wrap cannot properly defend against water intrusion when used as a single layer.

When a primary layer of felt paper or paper-backed wire lath is properly installed over WeatherTrek’s proprietary Engineered Vented Drainage surface, a “bond break” is created and thus dramatically improves and enhances the drainage properties of the stucco system.

Note: House wraps have been newly deemed as “water” resistive barriers by ICC-ES as part of the International Residential Code. Barricade Building Products does not intend or condone the use of any of its house wrap products as primary waterproofing membranes.

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