img-BBP-RWrapimg-r-wrap-logoR-Wrap® is a weather resistive membrane designed to defend against rain, wind, air, and moisture and provides a superior secondary line of defense against Mother Nature and her elements. R-Wrap Protective House wrap is a non-perforated polyolefin membrane that is installed beneath the exterior siding to reduce air infiltration and act as a weather resistive barrier. R-Wrap Protective house wrap is designed to provide a secondary line of defense against bulk water penetration and is not intended for use as a primary water barrier. Used in residential and commercial construction, installing house wrap on an entire home or structure is generally the most common industry practice.

R-Wrap minimizes air penetration and acts as your home’s wind breaker to improve energy efficiency. Its non-perforated film resists rain and acts as an effective drainage plane. R-Wrap’s micro-porous “breathable” film allows moisture vapor to pass through it easily and won’t trap moisture in the wall cavity.

Stucco specified & approved

When installed properly and in accordance with Barricade Building Products’ recommended guidelines, R-Wrap used in conjunction with an approved metal lath, provides an excellent barrier developed to resist bulk water penetration and direct the flow of water to designed drainage paths preventing it from penetrating the wall envelope.

Use R-Wrap under various exterior cementitious coatings and stucco applications

  • Traditional 3 Coat (approx. 7/8 thickness) Cement Stucco
  • Thinwall (approx. 3/8 thickness) Cement Stucco
  • Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems (EIFS)
  • Synthetic Stucco Systems

Recognized and approved by all major building codes
R-Wrap has the following equivalency ratings:

  • BOCA – Alternative to No. 15 asphalt felt, complying with ASTM D226, Type 1
  • SBCCI – Air infiltration barrier and moisture protection barrier complying as a weather resistive barrier to Federal Specification UUB-790a
  • ICBO (Uniform Building Code) – Equivalent to Grade D building paper having a minimum water resistance of 60 minutes

Strong and durable

Often, heavy winds pose a threat to a house wrap during installation. Made of non-woven polyolefin, R-Wrap possesses superior strength. So once R-Wrap is put up, it’s GUARANTEED TO STAY ON THE WALL. If it doesn’t, we will replace it FREE.

 Safe from the sun

R-Wrap has special ultraviolet stabilizers that protect it from the sun’s harsh rays. In fact, R-Wrap is protected against UV rays for up to 4 months.


R-Wrap Protective house wrap is backed by a 10 year limited warranty. Please contact Barricade Building Products for more information.

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