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Now your home has a powerful ally against air infiltration and weather: Barricade® Building Wrap. Join the numerous builders already using Barricade, and stop air infiltration and the weather in its tracks. Barricade Building Wrap is a perforated polyolefin membrane that is installed beneath the exterior siding to reduce air infiltration. Used in residential and commercial construction, installing housewrap on an entire home or structure is generally the most common industry practice.

Barricade attacks air infiltration

Air Infiltration is energy’s worst enemy. The wind robs your insulation of precious R-values, wasting the time, effort, and money spent on insulation. Barricade Building Wrap protects your insulation investment. It minimizes air infiltration at its source…the outside walls. Installed over the sheathing, Barricade seals the gaps, and reduces air infiltration before it can rob your home of costly energy.

Barricade allows moisture to escape

If moisture gets trapped in the walls, it can destroy the integrity of your insulation. Barricade’s unique design allows it to “breathe,” permitting moisture to pass through its surface.

Barricade is strong and durable

Often, heavy winds pose a threat to a house wrap during installation. Barricade Building Wrap, with its tear-stop design, makes it one of the most durable wraps around. Made of cross-woven polyolefin, Barricade possesses superior strength. So once Barricade is put up, it’s GUARANTEED TO STAY ON THE WALL. If it doesn’t we will replace it FREE.

Barricade is translucent for easier siding installation

Barricade is semi-transparent and can be installed right over the sheathing and because you can see through it, framing members are easily found. Barricade is lightweight, easy to handle, and comes in a wide variety of lengths and widths, perfect for all your installation needs.

Barricade Building Wrap has special ultraviolet stabilizers that protect it from the sun’s harsh rays. In fact, Barricade is protected against UV rays for up to 12 months. That’s one full year should your project go into hibernation!

Barricade’s superior strength and ease of installation are making it a popular item with builders and the do-it-yourselfer. Protect your investment with Barricade Building Wrap. Contact your Barricade distributor or Barricade Building Products representative today to place your order or for answers to any questions. Put Barricade to work for you.


Barricade Building Wrap is backed by a 10 year limited warranty. Please contact Barricade Building Products for more information.

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