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The Best Alternative to Tyvek House Wrap

The Best Alternative to Tyvek House Wrap

House wrap is generally a good idea to install on your home regardless of where you live or what the climate looks like there. House wrap can help keep moisture out, while helping to promote air flow. Some types can also be used as insulation to help provide a first defense against energy transfer through the walls.

Many people are familiar with Tyvek house wrap, whether through previous use or simply due to name recognition, like Kleenex, Jacuzzi, or Hoover. There are alternatives to Tyvek, however, that can help you achieve better results for your home. If you want the best alternative to Tyvek house wrap, consider using Barricade’s house wrap for your next project.

Superior Strength

One of the biggest, most common issues surrounding any house wrap is its durability. Products like Tyvek may tear in a high wind, which can be problematic if a storm comes up after wrapping, but before the final siding can be installed. In the event of a delay or break in the project, your house wrap may need to be redone before siding can be installed.

Barricade house wrap has a tear-stop design, made of cross-woven polyolefin, which makes it stay firmly on the wall once it’s been installed. Barricade won’t tear off in a high wind, so it won’t need to be repaired or reinstalled no matter how long it takes to install the final outer covering.

Easier Installation

While most house wraps are opaque, which can present issues with finding the framing for siding installation after the wrap has been put on. This in turn can lead to issues with the siding installation and moisture penetration down the road.

Because Barricade is semi-transparent, you can easily find the framing after installation. This makes the siding installation not only more efficient and faster, it helps reduce potential issues after installation has been completed.

Barricade is also a very lightweight product, which means that it can go up easily as well. Overall, using Barricade in place of another house wrap like Tyvek can help you complete the job much faster and more efficiently, saving both time and money on the project.

UV Ray Protection

High winds aren’t the only issue that a house wrap has to contend with after installation but before siding is put up. UV rays from the sun may also damage or begin to break down the wrap, which in turn means that the material won’t last as long or be as effective as it could be long term.

Barricade has superior UV ray protection, with stabilizers that will protect the wrap for up to 12 months in the sun. So, no matter the climate the project is taking place in, or how long the house needs to sit before the siding can be put on, you can get peace of mind knowing that the material is safe.

Right Amount of Air and Moisture Flow

The true purpose of house wrap is to let moisture escape, while helping to keep air infiltration to a minimum. Barricade does both, which means that not only is your home less likely to suffer from trapped moisture behind your house wrap, which can be a problem with some other brands, it also means that your insulation won’t lose any of its R-value due to air infiltration.

Energy loss can be a serious problem for many home exteriors, which is one reason to use house wrap in the first place. If your wrap isn’t stopping air infiltration, then it isn’t doing its job to truly stop energy transfer and keep your home more comfortable. Breathable Barricade house wrap will help with this issue, but won’t strangle and hold in moisture at the same time.


Your siding, insulation, and climate all play a role in how your house performs over time. With these variables, it’s important to have choices for what type of house wrap you use. For homes in extreme climates or different types of siding, sometimes you need a wrap that will perform well in out of the ordinary circumstances.

Barricade house wrap is durable, long-lasting, and will work well in most situations. But, for those houses that need different types of protection, from surfactants or more extreme climates, Barricade also makes different types of wraps including their Barricade-Plus and R Wrap.

These options mean that you can get that superior protection, easy and cost effective installation, and long-lasting durability no matter what needs your home or property has in addition.

Get a Better Alternative for Your House Wrap

Not all house wraps are created equally. Don’t settle for a wrap that may tear in high winds, break down during a long delay, trap moisture against your home, or cause problems with siding installation. Get the best alternative to Tyvek house wrap, and invest in Barricade.


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  • Susan Pugh
    March 8, 2018, 9:26 am REPLY

    I’ve used Tyvek in Las Vegas for years. What is it about BBP that is better than Tyvek? I’ve been through every class there is learning the Tyvek Product as a Builder to educate homeowners on energy efficiency with this wrap. I am now on the remodeling side selling and my brother works for your company. I would much rather utilize BBP if you can educate me so I can sell this to my GC to install on build-outs. One of the main problems we had was install and constantly teaching crew after crew the technique to install properly, and then if errors were made, having to teach them to patch and putty holes, which an inspector frowns upon, not to mention myself, as a builder but It never sank in and it was a rewalk before wrap inspection every single time. A true slow down point unfortunately. Is this product easier to work with for install than Tyvek??

    • Barricade@Susan Pugh
      April 16, 2018, 12:52 pm REPLY

      Thanks for your questions, Susan! Here’s how to convince a GC to switch to Barricade:

      The first reason is that while Barricade wraps are as good as Tyvek, we have a lower overhead so we can usually save the GC some money without having to reduce product quality. Barricade is also set up to better meet the needs of the customer if they have any special requests.

      We can’t tell you the names, but a number of companies have their wraps made by Barricade for them. These are the companies that want high quality, American made wraps.

      We like to say, “If you’re buying Tyvek, you’re paying extra for a brand name, a bigger company, and more sales people.”

      Improper installation continues to be a big problem with house wraps. We have found that one of the biggest issues is when the installer can’t find where the studs are. Barricade’s wrap is the only translucent wrap available that enables the installer to see where to fasten it. This not only reduces problems but also helps the installer work faster, saving labor costs for the GC.

      We do site inspections and work with installers and builders all over as needed. We also include a 10-year warranty when using our flashing and seam tape. Let us know if you’d like help to convince those GC’s.

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  • Terry DriscollI
    June 4, 2018, 9:34 am REPLY

    I am about to reside my 97 year old home and would like some r value with the house wrap, do you over such a product and is it available in south west Micjigan?

    • Barricade@Terry DriscollI
      June 5, 2018, 11:24 am REPLY

      Hi Terry,

      Thanks for reaching out! While our house wraps don’t provide an effective R-Value, they do help resist air penetration, thus improving the energy efficiency of your home. Yes, Barricade is available in Michigan. Please call 877-832-0333 or email us at info@barricadebp.com and we’ll connect you with your local Barricade rep.

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